The Sniper (working title) – Roderick Donald

The Sniper (Working Title) | BOOK 1

The brass created him ten years ago. But now they can’t control him. Ice is a rule-breaker who honed his craft as a deadly sniper in the SAS. His exploits earned him legendary status among his peers and a reputation as the best of the best.

Today, Ice is a fractured lone wolf running from the demons of his past; a terrorist hunter and troubleshooter who operates on his own terms. And HQ need him . . . one more time. 

When a desperate hostage situation emerges, Ice is stunned to realize he knows the terrorist responsible. They served together in Afghanistan and Ice thought he’d never see him again after Ice had him dishonorably discharged from the army. 

Ice’s directive now is to use lethal force if he can’t talk his man down, but with all the bad blood between them, is that even an option?

This book is currently being written and is expected to be available by the beginning of 2021.