The Mind Controller – Roderick Donald

THE Mind Controller | BOOK 1

The power of the insight is a rare gift, hidden in our DNA like a secret code, its roots reaching back to a time when a sixth sense meant survival and power; a time of the Druids.

A murdered lover; a kidnapping; a female scorned. And no closure. Insights from the Otherworld shed light on a case going nowhere.

When twenty-four-year-old Cait is kidnapped by her lover’s murderers, her once-pleasant life is shattered. She’s haunted by terrifying, evil nightmares—apparitions that are really a calling card from the Otherworld. Cait’s ancient bloodline of a thousand Druidic grandmothers visit her once more, but this time to initiate her into the shamanic sisterhood and pass on the dark secrets of The Gift.

But Cait is a total sceptic. Will she accept and use the frighteningly powerful paranormal powers that The Gift has bestowed upon her—the power to read minds, of perception, to defy the very laws of nature and change otherwise pre-determined events?

The Mind Controller is a gripping contemporary urban fiction adventure that moves with a fast-paced intensity as Cait’s abductors—her lover’s murderers—duck and weave in a case going nowhere fast. Then when the cops make zero headway solving her kidnapping, Cait takes matters into her own hands.

She demands payback.

But the odds are stacked against her. When Cait’s alarmingly intense and recurring prophetic visions intensify she finds herself sucked in by the sheer mystical force of The Gift and transforms into a dangerous femme fatale; an Otherworld being who is ruthless in her pursuit to avenge her own abduction and her lover’s death.

But will this be enough to conquer the vile supernatural beast pursuing her in her visions?

If you love contemporary urban fiction, mystery, exotic Asian locales and supernatural forces you’ll devour this first book in Roderick Donald’s page-turning Cait Lennox: femme fatale series.

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