The Ambassador’s Daughter – Roderick Donald

The AmbasSador's Daughter | BOOK 3

A callous abduction. A hostage cruelly treated. A sovereign terrorist threat by a powerful and dangerous international cartel . . . and this is just the beginning.

Cait Lennox is an undercover Australian Security Intelligence Organisation major-crime profiler and ruthless femme fatale with amazing Otherworld paranormal powers. She can trace her Celtic shamanic warrior line back to a time before the written word; to a time where she was once a feared shield-maiden and commander of men. Sergeant Tony “Ice” O’Donnell is a secretive and calculating ex-SAS sniper, trained killer, and modern-day terrorist hunter running from the demons of his past.

Together they are a dynamic duo and no strangers to the world’s seedy underbelly. But will their combined talents be enough to locate the terrified, kidnapped daughter of the Australian ambassador to Ireland, Nicola Dawson?

Nikki, Cait’s estranged school friend from her teenage years, had become lost in a world of self-pity and overindulgence, finding herself living a hedonistic lifestyle that led down a path of drug abuse, and eventually prostitution to finance her burgeoning addiction.

Fast forward ten years and Cait reenters Nikki’s life, except this time while Cait’s working for ASIO. Together, Cait and Ice embark on a whirlwind chase around Ireland and Morocco in an attempt to rescue Nikki from certain death at the hands of her abductors: the IRA, working in tandem with a radical terrorist cell of the extremist Islamic Brotherhood. They find themselves at the mercy of a dangerous and powerful drug lord, arms dealer and people smuggler, Ahmed al-Fayed, a treacherous criminal with extensive international underground connections.

Join Cait and Ice on their breakneck ride as they continually find themselves one step behind Nikki’s kidnappers. With every new bit of evidence adding a piece to the jigsaw puzzle of Nikki’s abduction, it’s frustrating as they keep missing her at every turn. As they make their way across the globe while fending off danger around every corner, Cait’s paranormal powers are tested to their limits.

Will Cait and Ice rescue Nikki before her death knell tolls and al-Fayed’s men slit her throat?

This fast-paced urban adventure will see you reading late into the night as you follow Cait and Ice on their thrilling mission. The Ambassador’s Daughter is a book you won’t be able to put down!

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