Omega 2: The Hidden Agenda – Roderick Donald

Omega-2: the Hidden Agenda  | BOOK 1

Introducing Sgt. Tony “Ice” O’Donnell: ex-SAS sniper, terrorist hunter, assassin . . .

Omega-2: The Hidden Agenda is book #1 in a new, explosive adventure-thriller series, The Assassin Chronicles, so jam-packed full of twists and turns that it will have you on the edge of your seat, begging for more . . .

Amongst his SAS peers, Ice is a legend. The perfect trooper. A leader of men, unflappable under pressure. He earned his nickname in the war against the Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan. Ice is still talked about today in revered tones in the SAS Sergeant’s mess, not for his valour and bravery under fire, but rather for blowing the head clear off an insurgent who was peeping over the top of a rocky outcrop, 921 meters away across a deep valley.

When Ice had a hostile target in his cross-hairs, well, better hope the poor soul had said his last goodbyes. Sixty-eight confirmed kills, two misses, and too many grey kills to mention. Ice was trained to deal with any hostile situation with cool efficiency, totally devoid of emotion.

But Ice also has his demons, locked away in a hidden corner of his mind. He’s seen too much action to come out unscathed. Regret, guilt, remorse. He’s haunted by his past. An assassin with a conscience.

And now he’s gone freelance. A free agent, a gun for hire, provided his employer at the time fit the bill. He won’t just take out anyone. They had to deserve to have their time on this earth terminated. And no women, no children. They’re sacrosanct.

The extreme demands of the role—sniper, assassin, terrorist hunter—made Ice a loner. He deserted friends and family long ago. Not deliberately. It was just the nature of his work. People around him had a habit of dying, so he avoided friendships like the plague.

But now Ice is faced with a challenging moral dilemma. When “Spida”, one of his ex-SAS troopers turns rogue, he teams up with “Viking”, a close ultra right-wing Norwegian SAS associate. Together they’re about to create havoc and mayhem, unleashing an army of radicals and white power extremists onto the world stage, the Soldiers for Racial Purity. And Australia is in their sights. It’s a soft target.

Or so it seems.

Ice has been approached by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation to prevent a terrorist attack on home soil. Will he be able to prevent the rebels from assassinating the Australian Prime Minister, or unleashing their dire plans for death and destruction on the world?

This high octane urban adventure-thriller is the first book in a continuing series, The Assassin Chronicles. The tale will grab you from page one and see you reading late into the night! But make sure you hang in there until the final few pages—the totally unexpected ending will shock you.

Omega-2: The Hidden Agenda is a book you simply won’t be able to put down.

Enjoy the ride!