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The Awakening - the Prequel

The Otherworld reveals itself to Cait . . .

A random bashing; a life destroyed. But why has such an obscure occurrence touched so many lives?

When twenty-three-year-old Cait’s lover is murdered, this senseless assault has far-reaching effects for Cait, her baby boomer parents, their close friends and business acquaintances, plus their millennial children. In her darkest moments Cait’s shamanic mother introduces her daughter to the Otherworld, and her ancient Druidic bloodline starts whispering to her, bestowing amazing paranormal powers of insight and perception—the power of The Gift. But will Cait believe them? This must-read tale is the prequel to Cait later morphing into a ruthless femme fatale with amazing Otherworld powers in the Cait Lennox: femme fatale series (see below).

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