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". . . fantastic . . . Cait is a superb kick-a** leading lady, just the type I love, . . . superbly written, and superbly fun.  VERIFIED Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer.

The breakout contemporary Urban Fiction Paranormal Series featuring the ruthless femme fatale, Cait Lennox . . .

". . . a great read. I really love the strong female character . . . a lot of deep characterization . . . quite unlike anything I've read before. I'm not sure if this is a thriller or a fantasy (series), but I like the way it straddles both.  VERIFIED AMAZON READER.

Read the backstory and meet many of the characters who appear in this gripping 3-book series in The Awakening- the prequel, then hold on tight as you follow Cait on her adventures around the globe in book #1, The Mind Controller and book #2 The Assassin's Apprentice.


The brass created him ten years ago. But now they can’t control him. Ice is a rule-breaker who honed his craft as a deadly sniper in the SAS. His exploits earned him legendary status among his peers and a reputation as the best of the best.

Today, Ice is a fractured lone wolf running from the demons of his past; a terrorist hunter and troubleshooter who operates on his own terms. And HQ need him . . . one more time.

Book #1, Omega-2: The Hidden Agenda, of this edge-of-your-seat new series, The Assassin Chronicles, will be available soon!

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