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In the breakout Urban Fiction Series featuring the dangerous femme fatale, Cait Lennox:

The Awakening - the Prequel

When twenty-three-year-old Cait’s lover is brutally murdered, this violent assault has far-reaching effects for Cait, her baby boomer parents, their close friends and business acquaintances, plus their millennial children. In her darkest moments Cait’s shamanic mother introduces her daughter to the Otherworld, and her ancient Druidic bloodline starts whispering to her, bestowing amazing paranormal powers of insight and perception—the power of The Gift. But will Cait believe them? This must-read tale is the prequel to Cait later morphing into a ruthless femme fatale with deadly Otherworld powers in the Cait Lennox: femme fatale series (see below).


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The Mind Controller

When twenty-four-year-old Cait is violently kidnapped by her lover’s murderers, her once-pleasant life is shattered. And she demands payback. But Cait is haunted by terrifying, evil nightmares—apparitions that are really a calling card from the Otherworld. Will Cait overcome her skepticism and succumb to these paranormal forces? In the face of overwhelming odds, Cait transforms into a ruthless femme fatale. Will this be enough to conquer the vile beast in her prophetic visions?


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The Assassin’s Apprentice

When an extremist cult starts brutally sacrificing young adolescent children their wandering souls haunt Cait as they aimlessly drift in no-man’s land, searching for release and a way home. Unlock the mystery of Cait’s journey as she wanders between this and the Otherworld, travelling the globe in her search for the murderous and illusive secret sect, Brethren of the True Believers. Cait’s paranormal powers of insight and perception are pushed to the max. when she battles the Gatekeeper of Lost Souls, an evil underworld beast that has links in the corporeal world to terrorism and the Mafia. Will she survive the onslaught?


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The Ambassador's Daughter

This book has just been completed and is currently being prepared for publication. I have ear-marked February 4, 2020, as the release date. If you would like an early teaser and some exclusive insider information about Cait’s latest adventures, then read the excerpt below. Cait’s amazing paranormal powers continue to grow and mature as she seamlessly moves between current reality and the Otherworld. On the recommendation of fractured ex-SAS soldier of fortune, Tony ‘Ice’ O’Donnell, she is picked up by ASIO as a specialist undercover operative. Cait ends up their go-to person when all else has failed and they are at a dead end with a case going nowhere.

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